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We are happy to introduce you a new but quickly progressive dating service Hitwe. The site was created for people who look for new friends and want to fall in love. The secret of this dating service success is a map search. From now on you can look for handsome guys and cute girls all over the world using Google Map. Spot attractive photos, check the locations of good-looking members and chat without restrictions.
In this review you will find how to use the service, what benefits you get when register at it, and how high your chance to find love on Hitwe.com is. Hopefully, this fresh and exciting love service will meet your expectations and you will soon find your perfect life partner.

Quick sign up and your personal page

To add your page in order to become visible for millions of nice single people, you will have to sign up. It will take only a few minutes to create your personal account. Fill a short form: write your name, email address, add your age, and select your gender. Click “sign up” or log in with one of the social platforms access.
Check your email and save the password Hitwe sent you. Use the password to log into the system every time you want to chat with attractive people. Now it’s time to create an appealing page to draw as much attention as possible. Choose the best picture of yourself and fill your profile. Add your location and describe interests for meeting compatible people.

Love search

Enjoy the profile carousel and save the most attractive girls or guys to your favourites. The option “discovery” from the menu on the left side of the page will let you search for good-looking partners for free. Select your preferences according to your ideal partner’s age and location and discover matching candidates.
Click “like” if you are interested in someone or “skip” and continue the discovery. People who you like will be saved to your favourites, so you won’t have to look for them again. Don’t forget that other people can find your picture in a random search as well, that’s why your chosen profile photo should look winning!

Use “people nearby” to find your potential girlfriend/boyfriend on the map. Turn your browser location on and the system will show you all members who are currently online on the map. This way, you may discover that you live, work, or study near a lot of nice people that you have never noticed before.
Here is what one of the Hitwe users says:
“My great story of finding love on Hitwe literally shocked my friends. You can meet people by location so this is how I’ve met my boyfriend Joe. He lived just a block away from my flats and we have seen each others for years but none wanted to be first and start a chat. So, just a few weeks ago I decided to check who’s online and I saw Joe. I send him smile, he asked me if a can meet and we spent a lovely evening. That’s incredible isn’t it? Thanks Hitwe now I have the best-looking boyfriend who was my neighbour since I was 15)))”
– Margaret P.
Don’t lose a great chance to meet attractive neighbours and set dates. Keep your browser location on and be spotted on the map as well. However, if you don’t want anyone to know where you live and be followed, keep it off. Also, lying is not good, because if you say that you are at work, your friends can check your location and see that you are in a café, gym, cinema, beauty salon…wherever, as long as you keep your GPS on. So, it’s best to keep it turned on only when you look for people and don’t mind to be found for a chat.

Free chats and messages

Like someone’s photo? Don’t hesitate to send a message. Compliment on your new flirtation’s picture and introduce yourself. Find out if you have mutual interests and offer to meet in person (in case you live close by).
Check on your dialogues to view new messages. The green light next to the member’s photo means that he/she is online and you are likely to receive a respond straight away if start a chat now. Send messages, smiles and virtual gifts and enjoy correspondences with different people all over the globe for free.

While waiting for a reply from someone you flirt with, play games. There are a lot of interesting and exciting plays that you can use for free. Play and enjoy Hitwe dating games when feeling bored and lonely. This will keep you a good company at any time.
Click “notifications” and see who visited your profile, add likes and what people match you by interests. Start looking for new friends and broaden your connections with people of different nationalities. If you are from 18 to 30 years old, you will definitely find Hitwe exciting and effective when searching for a love relationship.

Hitwe mobile application

Visit Google Play and find Hitwe Android application for your phone. Now staying in touch and meeting new Hitwe members is much easier. The application has got more than 40.000 reviews on Google Play which makes it very popular among young and modern people. The app is absolutely free but it will bring you lots of new meetings and real dates:
It’s free to sign up and send messages
There is a really high chance to meet your match
Discover people nearby and invite your favourites for romantic dates
Send unlimited stickers and smiles to express your emotions
All Hitwe members are real people whose profiles were verified by the system
Read some of the Hitwe.com members’ reviews and see what they think of it:
“I like the way they built the site it is very simple. I did not have to pay for registration which is nice because I can’t stand sites where they say free but then you have to pay for sending a message or view someone’s picture. So, hitwe.com is not a con service. I have met a lot of nice people in my area. I have not met anyone in person yet because I am quite busy with my studying but we chat and they keep me a good company. I use it mostly on my phone because it is easier and it keeps me away from feeling bored when I am at my university.”
– Rebecca H.
“I’ve met my girlfriend on Hitwe. It was really funny because I saw her on the map and send her a smile. I saw her photos and we chat for a few days. As I found out she worked in a coffee shop because her location was just where the coffee shop was. I came there to see her and she was very surprised. We are together for 2 months now. I like that I don’t have to pay for any service. It doesn’t charge for sending a messages and I can use it from my laptop as well as from my phone. I also stay in touch with my friends from abroad and we always share news and pictures with each other.”
– Josh R.
Download Hitwe on your phone and register for free. Who knows, maybe you will have the most romantic date of your life tonight…

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  1. leonard says:

    im looking for someone to luv above 30years

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    meeting new friends is always my wish

  3. leonard says:

    i just want to meet new friends

  4. Alina says:

    I like Hitwe, it is easy in use and rather popular among nice people:)

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    I am searching for a male for myself. I am a female, 75 years old. Wondering if I would have any luck at my age finding someone around my age? Thank you