What colour to wear on a first date to get lucky?

Have you already thought of what outfit colour you are going to wear on your date? The shade of your outfit may say a lot about you. We took a look at The Psychology of Color and are ready to give you some really good tips about the multi-hued chaos in your wardrobe.

Depending on your to-go outfit hue, you will make a certain impression. For example, if you tend to wear a blue colour, or notice that while always brings you a failure when it comes to dating, check the colours definition below and find out the successful secret hue to wear on when going on a date!

Red: You have probably heard that red is considered as the colour of love and passion. Usually, confident individuals prefer wearing outfits in this hue for the first meeting with a potential partner. Wearing red is showing off yourself. If you chose red for the date, be prepared to receive hot attention!

Orange: This colour will help you to show your intentions. Wear orange clothes in the beginning of your dating relationship to attract your flirtation. You will be characterized as a passionate girl/guy if orange is your favourite colour.

Yellow: Like this colour? Then you are definitely a wise individual with a good intuition. However, these features are not indicators of your romantic mood. If you wear yellow clothes, you may be taken as a self-conscious. Thinking and talking only about yourself will not help you to build a relationship.

Green: The colour of energy and the most basic one. Wearing clothes of this hue, you will feel alive and want to expand your energy. Choosing a green outfit you will come across as a nice person with a positive outlook on life.

Blue: If your favourite colour is blue, you simply saying that you want to be understood. This shade represents simplicity of being, your true nature, and intellect.

Purple: Your passion for this colour means you being romantic and successful. However, it also means that you like to imagine things and fly in your dreams. It is best to keep the balance between a real life and dreams. Wear purple to show yourself as flirtatious and coy in the classiest manners.

White: The colour of spirituality and silence. Yet being silent will not serve you on a date, so break it! By having while clothes on you will represent yourself as a clean and orderly person.

Black: Do you know why they call black the colour of mystery? Black is a combination of all colours that’s why it is described as unknown. Black is the most flattering, so choosing it you will look amazing, no matter your sex.

So, now you know more what your favourite colour means and how you can present yourself on a first date. Don’t forget to tell us about your chosen hue!

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