In respect of dads: How to make the first meeting with parents go well?

Usually, dads are considered as more protective and experienced in relationships. That’s why meeting your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s dad can be scary. When introducing your flirtation to your dad, you say “We are serious about our relationship”. Otherwise, why would you put your partner under pressure? The negative first impression that your dad may get about your new lover may turn into a real disaster…

Let’s share a respect towards our wonderful dads and hopefully, an honourable attitude will help you to get a blessing with someone you love. Learn how to make the first meeting with parent go well to live happily with your partner.

What does science advice?

We know that judging a book by its cover in wrong, however, we often forget what this philosophical saying teaches us. This is what our parents usually do when meeting our partners. New York University study explains how our brain works to create an impression. So, firstly our brain gets the information, then puts it in, let’s say a folder, which controls such emotions as fear and impetuosity. Therefore, we make a decision understanding the value of an object or defining its risk.

We can say that it doesn’t take long for our brain to process the information and judge the person we have just met. But how to make your dad have a good impression about your potential boyfriend/girlfriend despite the biology?

Here are some useful tips how to prepare before meeting with parents, calm down, look good and succeed:

  • Find common interests

Ask your partner about his/her dad’s interests and hobbies. Maybe you have mutual interests which will help you to have a nice chat. Don’t fake if you don’t like a particular subject and avoid conversations that are not supported by your interlocutor.

  • Wear neat clothes

It’s best to wear a clean, tidy, and neutral outfit that will eliminate any chance of creating a wrong opinion about you. So, it will be smart to leave ripped jeans and t-shirt with ambiguous writing on them at home.

  • Show only best manners

When having a conversation with your partner’s dad, listen carefully and be honourable towards any opinion. Showing your interest and engaging in any topic will give you a bonus. Help with serving or cleaning the table if having a dinner. Express your interest in the family. This is the best way to show that you care about your future relationship.

The bottom line is not to be scared of dads because they are just protective and caring when it comes to their children. The most important in to be respectful and open to discuss any question. Don’t avoid a direct look in the eyes and give your lover’s dad a confident handshake when meeting for the first time. Follow these simple but effective rules of a successful first meeting with parents and you will surely enjoy spending time with your partner’s family!

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