The science about the first date intimacy

While walking in a park, having a cup of coffee in a café, or having a dinner at a posh restaurant, you may spot singles that probably have their first dates. What makes people want to start dating and build a relationship after the very first date?  We have discovered the first date behaviour with Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Helen Fisher and found what keys of the successful date are.

Many single people read articles and try to find tips how to succeed on the first date. Our study reveals facts about what singles think on their first dates, what they want and what they do on the first meeting.

We have gathered feedbacks from more than 5,000 women and men. They told us about their first date experience, sexual relationship, and more information related to their dating cases. We will start from the hottest part of the research – sex. Everyone wants to know if having sex on a first date is appropriate and how it can affect behaviour after the night spending together.

The most innocent – a kiss was approved by 90% of women and men. Walking by holding each other hands is also welcome on the first date. However, our study shows that men like to kiss more than girls and the difference in quite big! 88% of men like kissing on a first date while only 65% of women approve such sexual behaviour. Probably, guys do it unconsciously because males carry testosterone in their saliva. So, this is how they want to wake up their partners’ sexual desire.

Hugs also get more “for” than “against” among men. 76% of guys say that cuddling is good but only 56% of women agree with them. Again, men try to affect beautiful females. When we cuddle, our brain emits oxytocin which stimulates the feeling of connection.

Now it’s time to talk about sex. Among all city which citizens we asked, New Yorkers male (41%) say that having sex on a first date is very appropriate. In general, 31% of men agreed with first date bedroom behaviour.

Around 2% of women and 10% of men said they have sex on a first date. This enjoyable process activates our brain nerves which tell us how our partner looks, smells, tastes, sound, and feels. Plus it lets you know yourself more. Sex can provoke the beginning of love as well as an attachment. It also can be a start of a new relationship. Regarding our research, most people prefer to wait until they know more about their new flirtations.

Now it’s getting obvious that we often overestimate the amount of sex people we know are having. This study showed that singles have a better understanding about the first date sexual behaviour and are not losing out on first dates.

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