How to Succeed on a Second Date?

Did you know that dating researchers and psychologists say that love is like a sleeping cat? It can wake up at any time during a relationship. However, the majority of people used to think that the beginning of all relationships is the first date. This is when your romance takes its roots. The very first meeting with someone you like is like a research. You come to see the person and to show yourself.

Yet the second date is not less important because it can definitely tell you whether you want to have any kind of a relationship with a person n the future or not.  According to the statistics, almost 60% of singles said they will go for the second date even if the first date wasn’t perfect. 53% said they will meet a person again to give it a second chance, even if they didn’t feel chemistry the last time.

What we meant to say is that a second date is a key in most cases. We have done our own research and invited more than 5,000 singles in America to join the experiment. Let’s see what happens between two on the second date…

Share food

Sharing food is a tradition; therefore, if you have a meal together you will definitely become closer. It will make you both feel comfortable and open your mind to talk about different things. So, go for a dinner or take food away and have a picnic. The study shows that those who skip meals are less likely to succeed even on a second date.

Sushi! Yes, this is what you have to order. It probably sounds strange, but Omega 3 in this meal will boost your alertness and desires. Seaweeds increase the level of testosterone and wasabi ignites heart rate. Don’t forget about drinks: choose cool drinks like soda, iced tea, and coffee, or a tasty cocktail. Remember that two cocktails is a perfect amount for the second date. Otherwise, your jokes and long yakking can push your dating partner away.   

Topics to discuss

Being smart on certain issues will increase your chance to attract your new flirtation even more. Politics is a great topic to discuss and it will help you to win the second date by 91%. Look through a few business, arts, or economy magazines before meeting your partner and surprise him/her with your intelligence. However, we recommend not picking celebrities and sports talks because only 11% of men and 10% of women agreed to discuss pop cultures and celebrities life.


Eventually, you should know what you never should mention in the beginning of a relationship. So, don’t ask people about their past relationships. Less than 15% of our interviewees said they don’t mind to discuss their ex. Another second date turn off is the number of your sex partners. More than 70% of singles said they will try to finish the date quickly if such will be mentioned.

What about sex on a first date? Don’t rush! You will likely get in on a second date. Around 80% of singles expect some form of a physical connection on a second date. 70% of our interviewees believe that only kissing is appropriate on a first date.

Here are some more effective tips that will help you to “hit the jackpot”:

  1. Emit confidence – Look and feel confident to attract your new dating partner.
  2. Be positive – Negativity can only push people away, so smile, stay interested in the conversation, and don’t be shy to share your humor.
  3. Stand out of the crowd – If you can be different, it’s a big advantage. Impress your new dating with novelty.
  4. Admire his/her attractive qualities – Look closer at who you are dating. Find appealing details about the person and you will have a chance to fall in love.
  5. Meet people online – the practice shows that online daters are more serious about building a relationship and getting married.

If your first date goes not as you expected, just give it a second chance…

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