Who tend to fall in love more often women or men?

We used to think that women tend to fall in love more often than men because they are more sensitive, romantic and caring. However, we decided to do a research and find out who fall in love more often female or male, who deals with rejection better and do singles fall in love at first sight? We promise that you will be surprised with the answers…

A scientific advisor and a relationship expert, Dr. Helen Fisher, says that a feeling of a romantic love can be experienced at any moment. The study reveals the fact that men are likely to fall in love more often than women.  For example, one of the most favourite TV programs “The Bachelor” proves that people fall in love even on the national TV. Such kind of novelty wakes up passion and makes people respond to their romantic mood.

Here are some interesting facts we found during the survey:

  • Males (14% more than females) state that they have never been in love. 20% of women and 18% of men say they have never experienced the feeling of love
  • Men have been in love about 4 times while women 3, which proves that men fall in love more often

Cities (the US) where people fall in love the most:

  1. Austin – 5.2 times
  2. Philadelphia – 4.4 times
  3. San Francisco – 4.3 times
  4. Seattle – 4 times
  5. Boston – 3.4 times

Love at first sight:

  • Exactly half of all interviewed women believe in love at first sight. Men (their number is bigger) 59% agree that love at the first sight exists
  • Only 30% of women have experienced loved at first sight while 41% of men claim they did experience love at a first sight

Cities where people believe in love at first sight:

  1. San Antonio – 67%
  2. Baltimore – 61%
  3. Philadelphia and Seattle – 59% in each
  4. Charlotte – 58%

Top cities to experience love at first sight if you are single:

  1. San Diego – 50%
  2. San Antonio – 48%
  3. Portland or Jacksonville – 44%
  4. Phoenix – 42%

And the last curious piece of our research – Guys who have been rejected need only a month to become confident and flirt with girls again while women need up to four months to recover from a failure.

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