What do you think of single people? The latest study reveals a new fact about singles

Recently, we have done a research to answer the question “Who are those people singles?” We asked our dating site members certain questions about how they use the service and gathered feedbacks. Now we are ready to provide you a study that will describe singles from a different side. What you used to think about your single friends is wrong…

There are 8 common myths that we are willing to unfold!

Myth #1: Ladies cling to the relationship more than gentlemen.

Fact: Women desire to be more independent than men do. While in a relationship, most women want to have their own space and time. Not being judged by spending time with girlfriends, or not wanting to share personal things, like a bank account. Even having holidays on their own this is what women dream of.

Myth #2: Men resist getting married and having children.

Fact: No, men want to get married as well. According to our research, 33% of men and the same number of women said they want to get married. However, only 15% of single ladies dream of giving kids. Comparing to men (24%) we can say that males are more family orientated nowadays.

Myth #3: Older people forgot about sexual life.

Fact: Older couples find sex much more enjoyable than young couples. However, single older people avoid having sex with random people because consider it as a beginning of a relationship.

Myth #4: Single moms and dads don’t start new relationships.

Fact: Apparently, single people who have kids from previous marriage go on dates more often than singles without children. The statistics show that 21% of single parents are currently going out with someone, while only 16% of people dating who don’t have children.

Myth #5: Youngsters are characterized as promiscuous.

Fact: You will be surprised knowing that members of our site aged 21 to 34 never had a sexual experience. 24% of guys and 23% of girls are still virgins.

Myth #6: “I love you” is the most serious expression of the feelings.

Fact: This phrase that we all expect to hear means different things to people. 31% of single people defines this phrase as “I want you in my life”, 30% – “I care about you”, 19% – “I want to have a relationship with you” and 14% – “I want to live with you utill the death separates us”.

Myth #7: Jobless people are loveless.

Fact: If you used to think that unemployed people are boring it’s not true. Due to our study, 50% of single people are open to dating someone workless if they have mutual interests and views.

Myth #8: Hook-ups never lead to a serious relationship.

Fact: Spending a night with someone you like can even turn into a marriage! 54% of our members have had a sexual relationship lasting one night. 35% of singles who had a one-night stand now having a long-term relationship with the same hook-up partners and 36% of singles men and women wouldn’t mind having fun in the future.

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