Traditional dating plan or new love rules?

Nowadays, there are more than a hundred of millions of singles in the US. We decided to do a research among more than 5,000 singles in the United States to understand their behaviour and dating habits. You will be surprised with the results: we found that some of the traditional dating rules still exist; however, the dating “playground” has changed.

A relationship expert Whitney Casey says that the rules of modern dating are different now and if you want to get lucky, you need to follow the contemporary strategy. Here are some of the statistics we would like to show you:

  • Traditionally, women expect to be asked out, not the other way round. However, a non-traditional thinking 41% of females are willing to pay for the bill in a restaurant. Still, 37% of men believe they should take this responsibility.
  • 31% of women and men believe that they need only 15 minutes to understand if there is a connection between both on a first date. But if the first romantic meeting doesn’t go the right way, 12% of people will leave within a half an hour.
  • Majority and it is 52% of people who are not satisfied with the first date tend to politely explain that they are not interested. Mostly, young singles believe that honesty is the best what can be in the beginning of a relationship. 24% of people think there is no harm in giving it a second chance instead of making a quick judgment.
  • What do you think about sex on a first date? Is it a tradition or an exception? Only 6.5% of singles said they have sex on a first date while 80% disagree with sharing a bed with a person they know only for a couple of hours.
  • Almost half of our female interviewees (48%) prefer men to give them a call after a first date. 68% of our male research participants said they will pick up the phone between one and three days after the meeting. Only 6% of men can’t wait to talk to their new flirtations and will do it the next day after the date.
  • More than a half of singles (64%) don’t mind to continue conversations using text messages and email after the first date. 80% of people answered that they prefer to keep in touch via the phone.
  • Have you ever added your date to your Facebook friends? 26% of singles aged from 21 to 34 approve adding new flirtations as a FB friend after a couple of dates. 11% of mature singles aged between 35 and 44 leave social connecting for later until they feel that a relationship goes the right direction.
  • How do you feel when your new dating partner introduces you to his/her best friends? 50% of men feel open to introduce their new girlfriends to their friends after about a month of a relationship. Only 35% of women do the same.

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